About Us

Who We Are

We are the Moyers and at Create And Wander, each one of us has our own role.  Family + Faith + Fun = Love

Create And Wander was started out of a love for creating positive t-shirts.  Spreading inspiration and positivity to all is our passion.

Troy + Idea Creator + Model = Awesome Supporter

Christina + Founder + Designer = T-Shirt Lover

Ali + Designer + Pricing Analyst = Great Encourager

Neve + Idea Creator + Model = Best Smile

Moxie - Wanna Be Model


What Does Create And Wander Mean?

Christina Moyer

Many have asked me (Christina) what Create And Wander means.  Here is what the dictionary says and I think it sums it up.

Create - to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.

Wander - to travel about, on, or through.

"I have always loved to create.  Actually I have always loved to wander too.  My dad was an auto body repair man so I would spend many hours in the shop with him painting my match box cars = create.  As a family, we would travel and take many vacations = wander.

Over the years I have had many creations from designing cards to designing websites, but it wasn’t until I discovered the print on demand t-shirt world, that I found my true passion."

The Vision

"To create t-shirts that inspire others."

"It’s interesting how things happen.  I have been in the t-shirt design world for a few years and creating a variety of designs for Amazon and other print on demand websites.  My favorite, however, are my faith based designs.

In talking to several friends, I realized the demand for great quality, soft shirts with inspirational sayings.  One friend suggested several sayings she would like on a t-shirt so she could spread the gospel and be an encouragement to others."

Our Goal

Our FamilyWe as a family strive to build a brand that encourages others through positive words on soft t-shirts.  We hope you like the shirts just as much as we do and most importantly that you share positivity with others!


Your Inspiration + Our Creation = Positivity

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